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Wedding Packages

Option 1: 


Full Planning is when we help you step-by-step with every detail leading up to and on your big day. We offer suggestions as to which venue would be best for you and what vendors to consider - this package is more for the couple who doesn't have time to plan their wedding or for the couple who just doesn't have any idea of where to start. We attend all of your meetings with venues and vendors to ensure you are getting the best packages from each of them as well as the best deals, we help with the design aspect of what you are imagining for your special day, we also offer a budget break down/budget allocation for your Wedding.





Option 2: 


Partial Planning is where you have done a bulk of the planning but require some assistance with finding your limo driver - one who is credible and within your budget (for example). As WPIC Alumni we have a roster of vendors who are very knowledgable in their fields and we would hands down recommend. Signing up for the Partial Planning Packages grants you access to our vendors. 




Option 3:


Wedding Management (often referred to as "Day-Of Coordination") The moment you decide you want this package we become available to you, it is never just one day or one month so we try to avoid the term "Day-Of Coordinator" or "Month-Of Coordinator". We don't believe in limiting our couples. With this package we are in contact with your venue and all of your vendors, we schedule arrival and setup times, create your Wedding Day Timeline that is then sent to everyone involved in the wedding, availability for your Rehearsal, cueing when it comes to walking down the aisle, Grand Entrances, Speeches, Dances, Bouquet Toss etc. Set up of Ceremony/Cocktail Hour/Reception, clean up of items belonging to our couple to ensure an easy "grab and go" at the end of the event. 




*Wedding Management is also part of the Full Planning Package and Partial Planning Package.


** Please keep in mind, each of these packages are like a template, everything is customized to your specific needs. There are no two weddings that are the same so we believe no two packages should be the same. 


Payment plans available upon request. 

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