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Champagne Glasses

Basic champagne glasses for guests - perfect for a home event. Rent and return, no need to worry about doing those dishes at the end of the evening! 

Champagne Glasses.jpg


Gold Cake Stand

Ideal for tiered cakes, this 12" cake stand is the perfect addition to your dessert table!

Gold Cake Stand.jpg


Acrylic Cupcake Stand

5 tiers of thick acrylic, each tier can be easily removed so you can customize the height of your dessert tower. 17.5" in height, the bottom tier is 15" and the top is 6"

Acrylic Cupcake Stand.jpg


White Cake Stand

Simple and clean, this 10" cake stand is perfect for cakes and pies to be displayed on your sweets table!

White Cake Stand.jpg


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