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Mandatory Masks: Does This Mean All Events are Technically Masquerades?

Listen, it doesn't look like masks are going to be leaving our lives anytime soon...why not have some fun with it? You know the saying "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? Well, life handed us a whole truck full of lemons and some of you out there skipped the lemonade all together and created margaritas! I commend those of you who hopped on that Covid train and made it your b*tch; the universe dealt us a garbage card and instead of dwelling on the sucky part, you turned it around to not only have fun with it, but to also make a living out if it! Some people can turn a situation so naturally, but remember, this is temporarily our norm and it won't last forever! Besides, didn't you always want to throw a masquerade party?

Photo by @c6mbino

They are mandatory, why not have fun with It?

It's for Safety AND Fashion!

Nowadays you can't go anywhere unless you wear a mask. Before leaving your house you always did the fun little song and dance: "keys, wallet, phone, check!" Now you're adding mask into the mix and your whole system is thrown!

This tiny little cloth, that basically protects your entire life, is such a nuisance - BUT since there really isn't a feasible way around it, why not have some fun with it? LookCDesigns is a company that really grabbed the bull by his horns by creating these novelty (and safe regulated) masks! Now you can wear that striking tux on your body AND your face - your wedding guests will love it and it will make for a memorable ensemble.

You have to wear a mask in public not only to protect yourself from the virus, but to protect those around you. Yes - it's hard to breathe when wearing a mask, yes - it ruins your makeup, yes - you have to wear it over your nose, but also YES - you can change up that boring mask to something a little more fun!

Getting married but your dress needs altering? Why not ask your seamstress to save some of that fabric so you can attach it to your mask for a custom bridal look! Do you and your future #hubby or #wifey have a unique hashtag you will be used on the day of your wedding? Get it printed on your mask! There are endless possibilities to making these masks unique to you - just because they are mandatory doesn't mean they need to be boring. Don't be afraid to collaborate with a Mask Maker to create the perfect mask for you!

Don't worry, it's just a trend.

Just like anything...this will die off. Ideally they will tell us they made a mistake, that Covid was never a thing and that the government just felt we all needed an extended holiday (I wish!). But in the meantime, this is just a temporary ordeal. So, as I always say, "go big or go home!" Go ahead and wear the most outrageous masks! You can no longer show emotion on your face because it is totally covered so why not let your personality shine through the masks you wear?

Let's not forget about New York Fashion Week earlier this year, it's Corona meets high fashion meets 'not so safe but it looks good' face accessories. Designers like Louis Vuitton, Karen Walker, and Richard Quinn (just to name a few) rocked that runway with a Powerful Pandemic Presence - they kind of made masks cool. All the way from China to New York to London...I wonder if Covid gets jet-lagged!

Masquerades have now reached a peak, seeing as you can't have an event without masks. It doesn't have to be a negative thing; masks are unique, fashionable, and very cool (because safety is cool), own it and call your wedding/event a masquerade! Throw in themes like, "your mask has to have fringe because it's a roaring 20s event", or even something as simple as a colour scheme. Don't restrict yourselves, this isn't the end of the world, it's the beginning of an amazing chapter in your grandkids history books!

Definitely take full advantage of this trend before it's over! You are a sparkly rhinestone of personality, show it off on your face covering! Let your inner sequin shine on the outside of your face because before you know it (fingers crossed) masks will no longer be a thing and the only time you will get to wear these fashionable accessories will be at Halloween when you dress up as Covid19.

Masks made by LookCDesigns


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