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How to Properly Store Fine Jewelry

Written by Sophia Young Content Studio exclusively for Velvet Bordeaux Events

Any fashion lover knows that accessories can complete any outfit. And there's nothing like the right piece of fine jewelry to serve as your look's finishing touch. But to keep your jewelry pieces in their best shape and form, you also need to take extra care of them when they're not in use.

Importance of Storing Fine Jewelry Properly

If you want your pieces to literally and figuratively make you shine when you wear them, then you need to put in extra time and care in storing them well. Here are some of the top reasons why proper jewelry storage is essential:

Better Access to All Your Pieces

Storing your jewelry pieces properly also includes keeping them well-organized. This means you can quickly locate the pieces you need when you need to use them. Keeping things in one place allows you to easily find the specific accessories you want to wear without having to go through every drawer and bag to find them.

Avoid Damage and Discoloration

Not only does proper storage keep your fine jewelry secure, but you’re also keeping them safe from damage. Every jewelry piece is precious and deserves the right care, whether passed down from family, gifted by a loved one, or saved up for them on your own.

Preserve the Good Condition of Your Precious Pieces

Proper storage is vital if you want to use your jewelry for a long time. You must keep your fine accessories clean and store them well to maintain their usual luster and quality. If you’ve taken care of them well enough, you may even be able to sell them or pass them down to your loved ones in the future.

The 5 C’s of Storing Fine Jewelry

Every piece of fine jewelry you own can stay with you for a long time when you put in the extra effort. Thankfully, storing fine jewelry is not that complicated. To help you remember the basic steps to proper delicate jewelry care and storage, here are the 5 C’s you need to remember:

Categorize Jewelry by Type and Material

Before storing your pieces, it’s good practice to categorize your jewelry by type and material. Doing so will allow you to do an inventory of your pieces. Identify ones you want to keep, give away, or sell. Categorizing them into material will also make it easier for you when it’s time for your regularly cleaning session.

Clean Pieces Before Storing

Moisture like water or sweat can significantly damage your valuable pieces. So, when you’re thinking of putting your jewelry in storage, make sure to wipe them off dry properly first.

If you want to ensure all your pieces are clean, you can do more than just wipe them off. For example, genuine gold, silver, or diamond jewelry pieces can be cleaned using warm water and a mild soap solution. After soaking for twenty minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Before storing, dry them with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals, including bleach, to prevent damaging your essential pieces.

Choose the Right Storage Type

You can keep your precious accessories in their original boxes or soft bags. You can also consider buying shallow velvet, cotton, or felt-lined organizers for your jewelry drawer. The soft material can help you make sure your jewelry pieces won’t be scratched or damaged. They can also absorb any excess moisture. As an added moisture prevention measure, you can buy silica gel packets and dehumidifiers for your closets or cabinets.

Cool, Dry Place

Most jewelry pieces don’t do well with humidity or direct sunlight. It’s important to keep these in mind when going through your storage options. Assign a cool, dry space for your fine jewelry to avoid damages. Too much moisture can cause stains or even cracking. Exposure to heat or direct sunlight, on the other hand, can cause discoloration.

Clean… Again!

Just because you’ve stored your jewelry safely and cleanly doesn’t mean you can forget about them until you need them. Out of sight and out of mind is not a good principle to go by when it comes to taking good care of your fine jewelry. Even when they were in good condition when you stored them, your jewelry still needs some looking after.

For pieces that you regularly use, make sure to set aside time to clean them monthly. For the more special pieces you use, make sure to check on them periodically and clean them when they start to look a little dim or lack their usual luster.

By remembering these basic tips, you can maintain the quality and shine of your fine jewelry pieces. Invest a few minutes out of your busy month, and it can keep your precious pieces lasting longer and looking as good as when you just got them—or even better.



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